Immigration to Turkey

In 2019, some 578,488 foreign nationals from more than 100 countries immigrated to Turkey, thereby marking a 24% increase compared to the previous year, according to the latest report published by HF Corporation.

This report based on official statistics reveal that 310,654 immigrants were male, and 267,834 were female.

The number of foreign nationals who bought residential properties in Turkey during 2019 stood at 45,967.

The highest number of immigrants originated from Iraq, followed by Turkmenistan.

Some of the other countries from where the immigrants originated from include:

Middle East: Iraq, Syria, Iran, Libya, Jordan, Palestine, Yemen, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Qatar, among others.

Asia: Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia, China, Pakistan, and Indonesia, among others.

Europe: Russia, Germany, Ukraine, Greece, Bulgaria, the UK, Moldova, Austria, the Netherlands, Sweden, France, Norway, Albania, Belarus, Romania, Italy, and Denmark, among others.

Africa: Egypt, Somalia, Morocco, Algeria, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Sudan, Tunisia, Djibouti, and Uganda, among others.

Americas: The USA, Canada, Brazil, Cuba, Colombia, Mexico, Dominica, Venezuela, and Haiti.

Oceania: Australia.

The report can also be accessed by clicking here.




Dr. Hussain Farooq is a serial entrepreneur.

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Dr Hussain Farooq

Dr Hussain Farooq

Dr. Hussain Farooq is a serial entrepreneur.

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